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"Uncle Wil"

Modeling, Seattle
"He's here, He's here." is what I said when when my friend came up to SLC from St. George. We had fun doing nothing and I went with him and his adorably nuclearly perfect family to the State Fair. Where my photo didn't win any ribbon again. I had a hilariously good time though families always make for comedy. Afterward, I took my doggy with me four hours south to St. George, and took my camera as we explored the "West Side" of Saint George filled with it's red rock charm and run down trailer houses.

 An Uncles Support
Generations Two and Three.fence Bluecollar American Dream
Vintage Wandering.Question in Chalk.?

"Someone Told Me Long Ago..."

Modeling, Seattle
Recently, I went down to New Orleans. Making there just in time for Hurricane Isaac. I'd never been in or seen an actual Hurricane before until now. It was loud and wet. There was eerie "calm before the storm" and the whole town was empty and quiet. It was strange. There was a curfew enforced in the Quarter and national guard driving around making their presence known everywhere. The storm delayed the "Southern Decadence" Festival which is an annual festival celebrating gays and lesbians and is decadent in the Quarter.
It was a fun experience minus getting my phone wet and ruined, and wandering around the Memphis Airport.

Quarter at Night

California Here We Come...

Modeling, Seattle
Here is a sample of one day on my recent California Trip I took with a friend of mine.
We went to Pismo Beach which was freezing but amazing waves and tons of surfers! I also went to my 1st ever nude beach, called "Pirates Cove" it was totally illegal but fun!

Southern Utah Spontaneity.

Modeling, Seattle
So while on this odd adventure of mine I have taken a few photos. Small town life is very satisfying but I find myself a little bothered that I cannot sleep without my city noises and that the local redneck children wake me up nearly every morning with their joyful screams. Or maybe it's the fact that I am sleeping in someone elses bed,while they are away.
I had to wear "Normal people shoes" for the first time in a very long time. I just wanted to rip them off. And I was not about to wear socks with them either! But the hike was worth the annoyance. I'm also not quite so porcelain looking now, It's weird to see me with a tan!
Anyhow,You can learn a lot about people when left alone in their house for just a few minutes. Seeing all their stuff where they left is a very good indicator of the person that owns them.

Writing on the Wall.

Modeling, Seattle

I wrote my name on the wall of my house before I painted it. This was last November. I'm terrible at getting around to editing.

Destinations Past.

Modeling, Seattle
This Weekend being Memorial Day, I decided that while I am currently on an unknown journey I would post more photos of past trips. I just also never got around to putting them up!
Happy Memorial Day!

Sexy Wine Soda!

Modeling, Seattle
Okay so out of my sheer boredom and love for Champagne( "Wine Soda") I got really fascinated with an empty bottle leftover from my "Champagne Birthday"
Yes, I know it's only "Barefoot" Brand but that particular flavor is delicious and I always buy Barefoot for sentimental reasons.

A Friend of my called me a "Wino" the other ...month and I guess this post just might prove their point.
I just find Champagne, and it's bottling so pretty & somewhat Sexy!


Fire Brigade.

Modeling, Seattle
So in Remembrance of the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic Sinking, I have posted- nothing related to that. Instead I have pictures of my jaunt to the West Side and the an old Fire Brigade Truck.

Back Yard Splendor

Modeling, Seattle
With Spring being here now I noticed the blooms coming up all around my house. This being my first year there I was curious to see just actually what was there. I added a couple of my own flowers(one didn't make it through a big wind storm) and my others are just starting to sprout from seedlings!
I also have been anticipating Baseball season with renewed enthusiasm now that "Fenway Park" is 100 this year! I had to show off my Boston Pride! Opening Day is the 13th.

Airports & Jonquills.

Modeling, Seattle
I recently went to the Airport to pick up a friend. The Airport is much more fun & exciting when you're the one who is flying! While looking up at the arrival/departure signs I realized I had been to most of the cities popping up.
Also, I took photos of my "Birth flower" seeing how it is so close to my "Champagne birthday" now, I thought it would be a good blog post!

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